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Weighted Stuffed Animal

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This is a great idea if your child needs to have weight on his or her lap in order to stay sitting. It is also great for carrying around to help provide "heavy work." I have seen this done with all sorts of stuffed animals including teddy bears, large lizards and snakes.

Stuffed Animal
Seam Ripper
Needle and thread
Rice, small bags of sand, or poly fill beads (Used for beanie babies)


  1. Using the seam ripper, carefully undo the back seam of the stuffed animal. In most cases you should only need about a 3" opening.
  2. Take out some of the stuffing and replace it with the rice, small bags of sand, or poly fill beads. Depending on the animal you are using, you may want to try to spread the fill throughout the animal.
  3. Using small stitches, slip stitch the back closed again. You may want to do two sets to make sure it doesn't come undone.

This can also be done with a small pillow.

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