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Shaving Cream Fun

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1 can of shaving cream (preferably regular instead of scented)
Optional small dab of tempera paint (or food coloring, but it tends to stain hands more)


  1. Squirt some shaving cream on a smooth surface such as a table.
  2. Let the child put his hands in and spread the shaving cream around.
  3. Encourage the child to make shapes, letters, write his name or other words in the shaving cream. When done with each picture or word, simply erase away and start again.
  4. When finished then clean up. Using shaving cream is also a fun way for a child to wash down a table or desks.

If you choose to use the paint, then make sure you are using a surface that is easy to clean up. Tempera paint does not tend to stain (but it is hard to clean from carpets) and food coloring will stain. The best policy is to place paper under the cream if you use this option. Children also love to use shaving cream on the shower wall when taking a bath. Just spray some in a line across the wall. Some people also choose to spray the shaving cream into cupcake tins and create different colors for the children to use.

Printer-Friendly Format