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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free trial?
Because of the fact that all subscriptions offer full access to all of our content we do not offer free trials.  We do offer a variety of free sample contentpulled from each of our departments so you can get a good idea of the types of resources available on our website.

Who can use my subscription?  Can I share your materials without violating your copyright?
When used in a school or professional setting each subscription to our website provides full access for one teacher, service provider or classroom.  So your subscription allows you to use our content with any children you work with.  If a child is also being taught by another teacher you are welcome to involve him or her in what you are doing with that child.  The materials used with a given child can also be shared with his or her parents so they can reinforce what you are teaching at home.  However, if other teachers or service providers want to make use of the materials for planning and teaching their own lessons or providing services to others they are working with then they need to purchase their own subscription. 

When used in a home or family setting each subscription to our website provides full access for one family.  Any materials you are using with family member(s) can be shared with others who are also working with the family member(s) (i.e. teachers, therapists or counselors).  However, if someone is working with your family member(s) and wants to use our materials with other people they work with then they would need to purchase their own subscription.

I am not comfortable using my credit card online.  Can I mail in my payment?
Absolutely, we are happy to accept payment by mail for a three month subscription for $39.95 or a one year subscription for $149.95.  Please print and fill out our subscription form and include it with your check or money order payable to Autism Inspiration and mail it to the address on our contact page

My school is going to pay for my subscription.  Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes, we are happy to accept district purchase orders for three month subscriptions $39.95 and one year subscriptions $149.95.  If subscribing with a purchase order be sure to include your full name and email address as we cannot set up your account without this information.  Purchase orders should be mailed to the address on our contact page.

Do you have site licenses or offer discounted group subscriptions for schools or parent groups?
Unfortunately our software is not set up to handle a site license which would allow multiple users access through a single account.  However, we do offer group discounts for multiple one year subscriptions purchased together by a school district or parent group.  Each subscription purchased allows full access to our website and unlimited use of all materials for one teacher, classroom, or family.  Any assistants working in the same classroom are welcome to use the materials under the teacher's direction.  Our discounted rates are:
Subscriptions   Yearly Rate per Subscription 
1                     $149.95 ea 
2-3                  $134.95 ea 
4-6                  $119.95 ea  
7-9                  $104.95 ea
10+                 $  89.95 ea   

If you are subscribing with a district purchase order please be sure to include a full name and email address for each person subscribing.  We cannot set up the subscriptions without this information.  Purchase orders should be mailed to the address on our contact page

Can I access the website both at home and at work?
Absolutely! You are welcome to log into the website from anywhere you have Internet access.  However, the website only allows an account to be accessed from one computer at a time so be sure you log out of your account completely before logging in from a different computer.  Please note that closing the browser does not automatically log you out of the website so you need to use the "logout" link at the top of the page before logging in from a different computer.  If the system thinks an account is being accessed from more than one computer simultaneously, the account will be locked out for 24 hours as a security precaution.

If I join the website but decide it isn't what I am looking for, is it easy to cancel?
Yes, you can cancel at any time.  Just click on the "Your Account" link on the lower left side of the page.  When the account page loads click the "To Cancel Your Subscription" link.  You will be asked to enter your password for verification then the cancel page will load.  At the very bottom of the page you will be asked "Change account status?" To the right of this is a drop down menu with the choices "remain active" or "cancel account", select cancel account and hit apply changes.  Once canceled, you will continue to have full access to the website until the end of your current subscription period.  The expiration date is shown to the right of the cancellation box.

I purchased a monthly subscription but I want to change it to a quarterly or a one year subscription.  What do I need to do?
Go to our secure order form.  Fill out the form as if you were purchasing a new subscription but be sure to use the email address, login name, and password that are on your current subscription.  Select the subscription plan you want to change to.  Near the bottom of the form you will be asked if this is a renewal.  Be sure to select 'Yes".  When you submit the application your subscription will be updated to the new plan, your credit card will be charged accordingly and your new subscription plan and will be added to the end of your current subscription period.  (I.e. if your monthly renewal would have happened on January 25th but you changed to a one year subscription on January 10th, then your new expiration date would be January 25th of next year.)

I haven't used the website in over a month, why did I still get billed?
As indicated on our homepage and on our order form monthly and quarterly subscriptions renew automatically until cancelled.  If you no longer wish to use the website you need to cancel your subscription.  Only one year subscriptions end automatically.

I forgot my password and requested it to be emailed to me but I never got it.  What do I do now?
If you did not receive the email with your password, most likely your email provider or email filtering software marked it as spam and rejected the email or put it in your spam folder.  If you have a spam folder check to see if the email has been sent there and make sure you have added the domain to the safe sender list in your email software so that future email will go into your inbox. If the email was not in your spam folder then request the password again.  If you still do not receive an email with your login information please contact us and we will try sending your information through a different email account.

I noticed that you have reviewed several books on your website.  Would you be willing to review my book on your website as well?
If you wish to have a book considered for review you can send a copy to the address on our contact page.

As time permits we will read your submission and if we feel it is a good match for our website and something we are comfortable recommending to our members we will review it on our site.  However, we cannot make any guarantee that a given book will be reviewed on the site or that any reviews we do write will be posted within a specific time frame.

Would you be willing to sell or endorse my product or service on your website?
We will not sell or endorse any product or service that we have not used and found to be helpful for children on the autism spectrum.  We do not have an online store at this time but are looking into adding one in the future.  If you would like us to consider your product for inclusion in our online store when we start it or for recommendation to our members you can send a sample and any relevant information to the address on our contact page.

As time permits we will try out your product and if we feel it is a good match for our website and something we are comfortable recommending to our members we may include it in our online store or recommend it on our website.  However, we cannot make any guarantee that a given product will be recommended or sold through our website. 

I don't see any content to address __________.  Can you make something to help with this issue?
Our regular updates come from the things Jennifer creates for use in her classroom, with our own children or with the parents and teachers of the children she works with.  However, if you are a member of our website and have a specific issue you need content to address, please let us know and we will do our best to create content to meet your needs.  Please give as much information as possible so we will have a clear understanding of the issue and when and where it is occurring.  Any content we are able to create will be included in an update once it ready.  Please note that content we provide will be based on Jennifer's experience dealing with the same or similar issues in the past and may not be what you have pictured in your mind as the best approach.  If you already have an idea you think will work, don't wait for us, go out and give it a try!

I work with children or teens or adults on the autism spectrum.  Will your content be appropriate or helpful for this age group? 
This question is difficult to answer.  Jennifer has worked primarily with grade school aged children (K-6) so most of our academic content is geared to that level.  Most of our social content, games, and other activities can be used for all ages.  Some may not feel that the content is best geared for their situation.  However, we have current members working with pre-school children, teenagers and even adults who have said our content has been helpful for them and those that they work with.  A lot will depend on how creatively you can adapt and apply the ideas and activities we have available. 

I have created some content that I think would be helpful for others.  Can I submit content to the website?
If you have an idea you would like to share with our members you can send it to  If we post content you have created we will cite you as the source on the website and link from your article to your website if applicable.  We would also consider purchasing content, particularly from someone with a different background than Jennifer's i.e. physical therapy, teaching high school aged children or adults, and etc.  This would be new territory for us so we are open to negotiation on price, frequency of submission and so on.

I have emailed you but have not received a response.  Why haven't you answered my question or responded to my email?
While we try to answer as many emails as we can, we do not have time to respond to all the email we receive.  As email comes in we do our best to prioritize.  Emails from our paid subscribers are our top priority with customer service issues first, i.e. lost passwords, access issues, and other account questions, followed by other requests for help or information.  Email from nonmembers is prioritized in much the same way.  Difficulties joining, payment failures, and membership questions come first and then if time permits we get to nonmember requests for help or information.  If you have sent an email to which we have been unable to respond we are truly sorry.


Questions We Cannot Answer
We receive a large number of emails asking questions that we simply don't have an answer for.  If you have a question that is not about this website or finding content to help you with an issue you are having with a child, then it is likely that we will not be able to help.  The following are a few examples, not an all inclusive list, of questions that we frequently receive but cannot answer for you:

My child has these symptoms…is he autistic? 
If you are looking for a diagnosis you need to take your child to a qualified psychologist for testing.  We cannot diagnose.

We live in __________; can you recommend a (psychologist, doctor, school, therapist, parent support group, or etc.) in our area? 
Unfortunately, we do not know what resources may be available where you live.  We recommend you check with your family doctor, the psychologist who diagnosed your child or the special education department in your local school district as they should all have information regarding services available in your area.  If you are a member then we would also invite you to post a question on the forums as we may have other members in your area that can help you. 

I have been looking everywhere for this game, button, bracelet, movie, or etc. and can't find it anywhere.  Can you get it for me or tell me where I can find it?
Unless it is mentioned on our website we generally will not have any information about or access to these items that you don't have.  Try doing a Google search for the item or see if it is available on eBay.  If you are looking for autism awareness items Autism Society of America sometimes sells those types of items as part of their fundraising effort during the month of April.

Here's what our members are saying ...

"I am so glad I found your site. I am a first year teacher in an autistic support class. Since my classroom is new, I didn't have a lot of materials or curriculum. I have gotten so many great ideas and tools for use in my room.
What  a great resource!"
Becky M.
Palmerton, PA

"I am an Education Assistant and have supported children with diverse learning for quite a long time. A friend of mine recommended your site as a resource.  I just had to tell you that I'm BLOWN away by this!  It is fantastic.  I actually downloaded so many useful things that I used up all   the ink in my printer!  I can't wait to try out the games, social stories, etc. that I printed off.
I can't thank you enough for making my job easier!"
Judy E.
Calgary, AB Canada

"Thank you for providing me, as an educator, with excellent information and resources, which enabled me to support my students identified with autism so well. I made sure our Autism Spectrum Disorder team through our school board was  made aware of your website. I know they were quite impressed with the resources and support it offered. Keep up the amazing work!"
Alison G.
Burlington, AB Canada

"I have only looked at one link on your website and I am SO thankful that I signed up for a membership!  
I am a speech pathologist who works with children with severe autism at one of the elementary schools I'm assigned to.  I can't wait to find creative ideas and lessons to use with my students!  I was running out of ideas so I  can tell that your website will help rejuvenate me. 
Thank you!!!  Thank you!!"
Stacy R.
Aliso Viejo, CA

"I would like to thank you so much for your web site... My grandson is autistic and after three years in the school system, we have seen some strides forward, but as he gets older they are mainstreaming him more and more without the help of an aide.  We have spoke to the district repeatedly and are not getting very much response from my daughter has made the decision to home school.  Your site is very good, comprehensive and a God send. Thank You!!!
Gage's Grandmother

"You are always so kind to make me feel like I am getting MORE than I paid for. Autism Inspiration actually makes me feel like I am getting something and you care.  Not just that you got my money and don't need to worry about my needs or questions."
VaLynne N.
Midvale, UT

"This is the greatest website ever!  Thank you to those that created this.
Angela M.
Buford, GA